Hey, I'm Toco ✌️

Product Designer @Hyperline

I'm a business-driven product designer in the fintech industry, aspiring to build unforgettable and trustworthy experiences. I have more than one trick up my sleeve, as I'm also a web designer & a photographer. Scroll and discover my work!

I’m writing my master’s thesis on design system contribution model

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Product Design 🔍

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Webdesign 🖥

I'm crafting landing pages & e-commerce sites with Webflow

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Corporate Photography 📸

I'm taking commissioned work for clients in various industries

Aasaat Project

In 2017, I went on a trip to Myanmar and came back with the most beautiful photos I ever took. I decided to turn them into my first art photography book, that was announced and sold through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Personal Photography 🎞

Taking photos starts with passion

Other Endeavors 🤹

I'm interested in lots of things, here are the unclassifiable ones